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Hello, let me introduce myself, I am Michael A. Clark, Photographer, and Co-owner of Michael A. Clark Weddings.  I am a highly-skilled wedding photographer with over 15 years of experience.  At the age of 14, I developed a passion for photography with a unique way of storytelling that has evolved over three decades. My talents and gifts have allowed me to build my brand, and educate and mentor some of the best wedding photographers in the Country.  

​I have traveled the globe capturing amazing weddings using my ability to foresee the moment before it occurs. My work has been published in Elevation, Black Bride, Vibe, Essence, and Munaluchi Bride Magazines.  I have captured greats in the entertainment industry such as Mary J Blige, Teddy Riley,  New Edition, Bell, Biv Devoe, Boys to Men, and Dru Hill to name a few.  I have also been commissioned by Corporate Executives at T. Rowe Price, Northrop Grumman, and HBO.  I love diving behind the lens and capturing all aspects of photography.  I have a reputation that guarantees to capture and deliver amazing images that are extraordinary, dynamic, and never mundane. 

It takes a village.  I'm honored to have the privilege of having an amazing partner such as Vanessa L. Knight, Photographer.  

                             VANESSA L. KNIGHT

Hello, my name is Vanessa, Photographer and co-owner of Michael A. Clark Weddings. I have a passion for people, hence my former career as a nurse.  I've always held a camera in my hand capturing special moments.  I knew when I retired from nursing that I would pursue Photography full-time.  I found my passion to be Wedding Photography.


I am a romantic at heart who enjoys capturing moments of love between two people.  Partnering with Michael brings to light, a cohesiveness of creativity.  We are able to capture those rare moments of love and display the beauty of ones personality. 


With my camera in hand, is a love connection just waiting to capture that next special moment. My approach and shooting style is unobtrusive.  I believe the best photographs are not planned and naturally happen. With creativity always front and center, I am always looking ahead to that next moment

Together we provide excellence and quality service that has become known as the "Michael A. Clark Experience"!


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