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          Let's Discuss Making You Shine...

Shoot Date Prep


1.  It is best to consult with a MUA.  The camera will show every imperfection imaginable.  MUA are expert in covering facial imperfections, tattoos, etc.

2.  Schedule sessions closest to last hair and nail appointments.  It is best to bring extra bobby pins, and hairbrush to touch up between changes.


1.  Grooming is everything..-Schedule session closest to last Barber appointment (paying close attention to beard trimming, locks, fresh tapered cuts.


1.  When consulting with photographers, please advise if you have specific locations to shoot indoors and outdoors.

2.  Get a good night's sleep, so you look your best.

3 . Wardrobe- Select clothing that best accent your features.  Check that they are wrinkle free.

4.  For Engagement Sessions we suggest two outfit changes (formal and date night).

5.  In following state guided regulations regarding Covid,  all clients will be required to wear mask, like staff.  Temperature will be checked if session is done in the Studio for safety precautions. All clients are required to stay masked when not being photographed.


1.  Do you need a Preferred Shot List?
Yes, so the photographer won't miss shots that have special meaning for you. For example, specific family members or friends that are particularly meaningful or significant to you.

2.  Privacy Rights:- What If I don't want to be on social media accounts/online?    

We respect the privacy of our clients who prefer to keep images private.  However, if you choose to use social media to display our images,  tagging photographers is required. Work should not be altered without the sole permission of the photographer.

3.  Are you insured?
Yes, we are!  Proof of insurance will be provided upon request.

4.  When will we receive deliverables?..- You will receive your Wedding Photos within 3-6 weeks via an online gallery.  Engagement Photos within 2-3 weeks via online gallery.

5.  Covid - What do you do if our event has to be postponed due to Covid?   If your event is postponed due to Covid we will honor a reschedule date that is open for all parties (photographer/client).

6.  Who owns the copyrights to images?  Photographer has sole rights to any copyright infringements.  Clients are allowed to print or use for personal use but cannot alter or sell images without consent of photographer.

7.  What do photographers typically wear for weddings?  Photographers wear black formal or business casual attire.

8.  Do you do Destination Weddings?  Yes.  Packages planned specifically for your needs.

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